Video of how a baby’s tongue moves while breastfeeding!

Did you know, your baby’s tongue moves in a wave like motion while breastfeeding?! Yes! It’s true!

This is why when people say, “Oh, well your baby can stick his tongue out so he’s not tongue tied” makes NO SENSE. Whether or not your baby can poke their tongue out is NOT the way you assess whether or not there is a tie. A baby’s tongue has to do more than just poke out. Your baby has to have “lift” with their tongue to be able to do this wave like motion and has to have the ability to tolerate and keep enough breast tissue in their mouth to facilitate effective and efficient breastmilk removal. This includes getting enough of your breast tissue in their mouth to have your nipple placed on the right part of their palate.  Sounds complicated and fancy, basically all I’m saying is that your baby has to be able to keep your boob in their mouth easily for them to get the milk out!

Here is an excellent little video that a mum has allowed me to share with you. She took this while her little boy was sleeping as it’s a great visual to see what happens with their tongue while feeding! And as you can imagine, this would be an even more exaggerated movement when he is actually awake and feeding…


*If you suspect that your baby is having difficulty latching, make sure to seek from help from an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) as soon as possible.*

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