My text message with my “computer guy” only minutes before themilkmeg went “LIVE”!!


Well it has finally happened! The new Milk Meg website is up and running! Yay! And throughout all of this I have had my very active and busy breastfeeding toddler running around after me wanting BOOB and waking VERY frequently! AAAAAHHHHHH! Thankfully MrTheMilk is around to help me out…

I have been EXHAUSTED as of late.  Not only because I am spending most of my available time working on putting my website together, but also because my little one year old cherub IS NOT SLEEPING!  Well, yes he is sleeping but not in chunks longer that an hour or two at night.  Add to that fact that he refuses to breastfeed while lying down next to me and this is a recipe for brutal weariness.  Yet I know I will not let him cry, I will not let him be left alone to comfort himself and I know that for right now he needs me. He is getting over a cold which is still hanging on and breastfeeding clears his nose and comforts him.  

The hardest part is that I find myself complaining about it but then get upset when someone offers a suggestion! My mum said, “it’s time he is sleeping through the night!” Online you will find various advice like cry-it-out methods or “controlled crying” (which is crying!!) and I know I will not do these things because I follow my instincts. Right now my instincts are are telling me…“GET MORE SLEEP!” so how do I do this?  How can I meet my one year old’s needs and also get enough rest for myself?  

1. I go to bed early (right when MiniTheMilk goes to bed!)…not every night but most nights.

2. I nap when he naps….OK fine, I admit it. I usually don’t do this but I tell every other mum out there to do this! It’s so hard though!

3. I skip the mother’s groups and play dates and stay home instead. Except when I have to run around doing things with my oldest two…which is most days!  

4. I leave the washing (this is one step I love to do)   😀

5. I ask my family members of friends for some extra practical help. 

6. I cook easy meals…in the slow cooker or prep as much as I can in the morning when my kids are happiest. Or I ask my husband to cook.

And yes, sometimes I feel guilty! Was I on the computer too much, did I ignore MiniTheMilk today, I need to play with him more, I am not preparing healthy meals because I don’t have time…yes. I do say these things to myself from time to time. But then I snap out of it! I’m doing the best I can and that’s all us MilkMums can do. I’m a good mum and so are you. Go easy on yourself! And get your partner or a friend to help you out.

Here is MrTheMilk helping out (he was actually able to get him to sleep! Wow! Awesome moment for this tired mama)…


MrTheMilk helping me out!


 Are you a working MilkMum? How do you get through the day? And night?! Leave a comment below if you have any suggestions…

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