I am happy to announce my new group of videos that I will be publishing…

“The Milk Meg’s Boobie Breastfeeding Class Series!”

Class One: How Do I know My Baby Is Getting Milk While I Breastfeed? I Can’t Feel A Let-Down!

Not every mum will feel her let-down (when her milk starts to come out of her breast) and many new mums are confused about if they have had a let-down and if their baby is actually getting milk while they are breastfeeding. 

This video not only explains how to observe a baby breastfeeding, but also includes footage of the beginning part of a feed before the let-down and then after the let-down when the baby is then swallowing milk.  Although the baby in this video is a bit older, a newborn will show the same differences in how they suck before and after the let-down.

One of the best ways for a mum to see that her baby is getting milk is by simply observing her baby! As her baby is breastfeeding in the beginning before her milk is coming out, she will see that her baby is sucking very quickly. As she has a let-down and milk starts to come out, she will see how her baby slows down, starts to go into a more rhythmic pattern and pauses to swallow milk.  

For women who do not feel a let-down, this can be a great way to observe when her milk starts to flow! 


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