Yup, I’m actually writing about a breastfeeding pig…  

I was at a fair in NH, USA a couple of weeks ago and was fortunate enough to see this poor massive pig breastfeed MANY tiny piglets.  I say fortunate because the first thing I thought was, OMG I thought I was exhausted and had a frequent breastfeeder! Ha! Look at this poor creature!  She had what appeared to be millions of piglets trying to latch on.  They were all sleeping soundly when all of a sudden one started to make a noise and within seconds (and I seriously mean seconds) all of the other piglets woke up and ran towards their mum.  They kicked each other, yelled at each other, crawled all over each other, just to get to a teat!  So the next time you need a pick me up and are feeling exhausted, cranky and overwhelmed by the laundry, cleaning, cooking and non-stop breastfeeding, have a look at this video. It might cheer you up! At least you do not have piglets to breastfeed… 😀






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