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Weaning Consultation Bundle


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The Milk Meg Weaning Bundle

  • 3 consultations
  • 3 Boobinars
  • 2 e-books

Valued at $255, all for just $189, that’s over 20% off!

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This bundle includes:
• Three separate consultation sessions with Meg via Skype, email or phone. Each consultation lasting 30 minutes in length. This allows for two separate follow-up session to help you through all stages of breastfeeding and gentle weaning. These sessions can be about starting solids, night-weaning, partial weaning due to working outside the home or being separated, night-weaning and/or or abrupt weaning.
• Access to all three of Meg’s BOOBinars on different weaning topics. These include “Night-weaning”, “Weaning” and “Starting Solids and Baby Let Weaning”.
• EBook copies of Meg’s book on sleep, “Boobin’ All Day…Boobin’ All Night. A Gentle Approach To Sleep For Breastfeeding Families” and a collection of her most popular blog posts, “The Milk Meg’s Best Boobin’ Blogs”.
All for $189 (you save over 20%!!!)
*No refunds, transfers or exchanges

1 review for Weaning Consultation Bundle

  1. Chelsea Mayer (verified owner)

    Meg helped me with a plan to night wean, and eventually fully wean, my nursing toddler. I was really struggling with night weaning and needed support to come up with a plan. Meg was helpful, kind, understanding, and so knowledgeable. She seemed to understand very quickly the type of toddler I was dealing with and the best approach to night weaning for us. She provided sound advice and my husband and I felt confident going into night weaning with her recommendations. She also helped me formulate a plan to wean all together, and I can happily say that at almost 3.5 years old, I was able to wean my son with out too much fuss! I never would have felt confident enough to do this on my own without Meg’s support. I highly, HIGHLY recommend working with Meg if you need support with weaning!

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