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Boobin’ All Day…Boobin’ All Night

A Gentle Approach To Sleep For Breastfeeding Families

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Are you looking for a gentle approach to sleep?

Would you like more sleep without doing the various sleep training techniques?

Do you feel as though mothering through breastfeeding at night is right for you and your child but you are exhausted and confused?

Do you need some tips for your baby to take longer naps or need some gentle night-weaning ideas?

Meg covers all of this AND MUCH MORE!

This book is a collection of Meg’s most popular blog posts on sleep (updated with more info and references), filled with new, never-before-published chapters with information and tips from Meg and includes the results of her night-waking survey so you can see what is normal for breastfed children.

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7 reviews for *Print Version* Boobin’ All Day… Boobin’ All Night.

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Vanessa B (verified owner)

    I loved this book. I love Megs blogs so made total sense to get the book. Filled with great ideas and supportive knowledge. Written from a true mothers aspect. Its one of those books I’ll go back to again and again x

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mez (verified owner)

    As a first time mum I found myself questioning a lot of theories around feeding my baby, my babies sleep habits, and also questioning myself on if what I was going was the right for my son. Was I instilling bad habits by feeding him to sleep? Responding to his cues all the time, especially at night? Or was he learning “bad sleep associations” by me doing so? Meg Nagle’s book ‘Boobin all day and Boobin all night’ was like a warm hug to my instincts that were telling me all along to always be there for my LO. Her book is so beautifully written as if it were written by a dear old, understanding, non-judgemental and reassuring friend. Her book also made me realise (with her multiple surveys on sleep habits) that I am NOT ALONE! My son always wakes around 3-4 and wants boobie time every 20 – 30 minutes all the way until he’s fully awake – Meg writes about ‘early morning cluster feeding’, WOW I didn’t even knew this existed. With her surveys I can also see that there are a large percentage of other bubbas and mummas experiencing this also.
    After reading Meg’s book I feel confident in my mothering through breastfeeding and also reassured that there are whole bunches of other mummas that feel just as sleep deprived as I and that this will all pass one day. Thank you very much Meg, I only wish that I had this 12 months ago when he was born!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rebecca D (verified owner)

    What a beautiful book. It is warm, from the heart and researched based. I read it while I was breastfeeding my 18 months old daughter. She loved looking at the pictures of the ‘baabaas’.
    I wish I received this book before I had my daughter. It addressed most of the concerns I had as a first time mum- can I over feed a breastfed baby, settling techniques, I am tired but I have house work to do, as well as questions I have now that she is a toddler- Is it normally that my 18 month year old is still waking 7 times during the night. It is so nice to know that I am not the only parent going through this!!
    I got to the last chapter and left it for a few days as I didn’t want it to be over. When I read it, I cried. What a beautiful story about Meg’s oldest.
    Thank you Meg for your passion, the time you give to share your research and your stories and sticking up for what you believe in. I hope to be boobin’ for many more years and I owe that to you. Thank you. You are a great role model.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cassie Burke

    Such a great book. Exactly what we need.Awesome to have on hand. Already being a milk meg follower i knew our night wakings were normal. I purchased this book to share and to help normalize breastfeeding and what’s normal for a breastfed bub. Thankyou Meg for helping us especially in those early days.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    I had only been following Meg on Facebook for a short time when I saw news of her book release, I had to have it! Within the first couple of pages I was already in tears (tears most likely caused by extreme exhaustion and the constant worry that comes with a first time mum) because by reading those words, already, I had reassurance that we are going well, it’s all happening the way it is supposed to and it’s going to all be ok. It was like meg had written the book just for us! I quickly finished the book and then read it again! The self doubt of being a mum is crazy. I have many years experience looking after other people’s children and this baby was so incredibly planned but I never realised how hard breastfeeding could be! We struggled with a posterior tongue tie and an upper lip tie for the first 8 weeks (bub is 3.5 months) and he has never been a routine feeder, two hours between feeds is amazing! Initially, due to pressure from well meaning family and friends, I tried sleep and feeding routines. They failed because I was in tears, I didn’t want him in there alone, why should he sleep alone when we as adults don’t even sleep alone. And I couldn’t understand why I shouldn’t let my baby eat when he wanted when we as adults get to eat whenever we wish. I wanted to hold him. And I wanted to feed him. And so we have ever since! I have received all the usual negative comments for it but I’m lucky my partner is incredibly supportive and my mum who spent ten years breastfeeding me and my three siblings. And now I also have the reassurance from Meg too. Meg has given me the confidence to follow my intuition and trust my baby. Now we are enjoying every cuddle and feed.
    I love that the text size is large enough for sleep deprived eyes and the book is fun, relaxed and real. I enjoyed reading the definition of bad habit and know that what I’m doing with my son is so far from a bad habit!
    The only negative is that I wish we had this beautiful resource before we started our breastfeeding journey. I think this book would be the ultimate gift to any mum, especially a first time mum.
    Thank you Meg, for being a breastfeeding voice for every woman and child.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Esa Lazarides (verified owner)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. After being told that my almost 1 year old only had ‘bad habits’ and ‘sleep associations’ because of me I was devastated and questioned my choices to breastfeed on demand (and beyond babyhood) bed share and co sleep. I thought I was the only one facing the associated battles and that I had failed as a mother. Your book has saved me from myself. I know now that my baby is normal and I just have to roll with it because even though sometimes the nights feel endless there will come a time when I reminisce fondly upon them.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Danni Furnell (verified owner)

    Best. Book. Ever. I love this book! I wish I read it the day I brought my baby home from the hospital. It would have given me a lot more confidence in what I was doing and to just follow my baby’s lead. It is everything I hoped it would be. I just wish there was more! Meg’s gentle, attachment style parenting is exactly what I do/want to do with family. She understands the struggles of being a breastfeeding mum, but she also understands the needs of babies/children to be close to their mums. I give Boobin’ All Day Boobin’ All Night 5 stars without any doubt. Thank you Meg.

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