This BOOBinar will answer all of your questions about how to combine breastfeeding on demand with sleep times, routines and schedules!

Topics that will be covered:

  • How routines and schedules can work with breastfeeding on demand.
  • Age appropriate routines and rituals that will help lead your child to an easier transition to sleep.
  • How and when to involve other people in getting your child to sleep.
  • Detailed step by step plan on making the transition from breastfeeding to sleep to falling asleep on their own.
  • What is normal for breastfed babies and toddlers and how to best help them learn to relax their bodies and fall asleep.
  • How to continue to offer comfort and breastfeeds to your older child while also settling your newborn.
  • How to help other people put your child to sleep or bed for naps when you return to work.

Once you book, a link will be sent to you to view the BOOBinar. Use your smartphone, tablet or computer!