This BOOBinar includes:

  • Detailed, step-by-step plan on how to gently night wean.
  • Suggestions on the best age to start and why.
  • What to do when your child is upset.
  • Detailed plan on how to night-wean while also trying to get your child out of your bed. Stop bedsharing first? Continue to bedshare while night-weaning? Can you continue to bedshare and lso night-wean?
  • Different bed sharing and co-sleeping options for you and your family during and after the night-weaning process.
  • What to expect when you start.
  • What happens when your child does not respond well to it?
  • How to comfort in other ways besides breastfeeding.
  • Can you just drop a few feeds instead of every night feed?
  • I feel guilty! Am I still an attachment parent? Will my milk supply drop? Am I going to harm her by night-weaning?!
    …and answers to other frequently asked questions, including: “How long will it take, and will my child continue to wake?!”

An email with the link to view the Boobinar will be sent to you following your purchase.