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30 Minute Online/Phone Consult


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Consultations can be done via Skype, email or phone.

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A thirty minute consultation is a great option to choose if you have just a couple of questions for Meg. Some examples are questions about prevention and healing of thrush, mastitis or plugged ducts, questions about pumping, oversupply or sore nipples, weaning your baby off of a nipple shield, etc.

In the consultation we go over your breastfeeding history, any challenges you are having and develop a plan together to help you reach your breastfeeding goals. I am then available to answer any questions following the consult via email. I also send a summary of what we went over so you have a document you can refer to afterwards.

8 reviews for 30 Minute Online/Phone Consult

  1. Ashlie

    I live in Seattle, WA and came across Meg’s Facebook page. I liked it and have been following her posts ever since. I can really relate and find them very helpful. At 8 months my son got thrush. It is likely from antibiotics he had for a few days after birth. We have been given medications by his pediatrician but I wanted to know how to prevent this in the future (plus the first medication didn’t even work). He is now 9.5 months. I booked a 30 min consult with Meg. She responded right away and was able to skype with me the very next day. She is very knowledgable and extremely professional. She gave me all kinds of advice for healing my son and I, as to hopefully avoid the reoccurrence of the thrush. She followed up with an email to recap everything and has been available for any future questions. I found her very easy to talk with and ANY issues or questions that come up while breast feeding my son, I plan to book another consultation with Meg! Thank you for all your help! Ashlie

  2. Maggie

    I’ve been following TheMilkMeg for a few months now and I am so glad. I love reading her blogs and I feel supported as a breastfeeding mom, since my family isn’t really familiar with it.
    I was feeling very anxious about returning to work after being home with my baby for 9 months. Hearing from so many other moms that I will get over it and that after the first day it will get better did nothing to ease my concerns. I had a 30 minute Skype consult with Meg and my concerns were validated. By the end of our session I felt reassured about returning to work knowing that there were things that I was in control of when I returned home. It will be a process for both my baby and I but I know that we will get through it without disrupting our bond.
    Thank you so much.

  3. Nicole Benedum (verified owner)

    Meg is amazing, so smart and kind and funny. I needed information and reassurance that I hadn’t “ruined” my 14 month old daughter’s sleep habits as I nurse her to sleep for naps and for bed time, and she nurses every 2 hours at night. Meg was so sweet and reassuring, and as I had so many question in regards to night weaning and where to even begin, she was just so helpful and talking with her helped soooo very much. I cannot wait to try some of the ideas out that we discussed, as I am totally not ready to wean my daughter, and she isn’t ready to be weaned either. Meg is awesome, it was like talking to my best friend, and I cannot express how much I valued being told that I hadn’t wrecked my daughter’s sleeping habits. Thank you so much again Meg, you are an awesome and supportive and knowledgable person and I feel so much more confident in my nursing relationship.

  4. Kristy Kemp

    Meg is a great source for good solid information and very witty and fun. She is definitely an IBCLC that I would recommend to any mama looking for help with breastfeeding or really anything parenting related.

  5. Melissa (verified owner)

    I just wanted to say thank you for all your help.
    It’s great to have access to someone who’s breastfeeding advice you can really trust. I booked a half hour session and in that time we managed to discuss several issues I had been worrying over. Meg gave supportive advice and really understood the problem and my worry. The time was well filled and I really feel that in that half an hour the advice was more productive than the several times I have seen my local health visitors. Very much worth it.
    Next time I’m faced with a breastfeeding problem or worry I won’t hesitate to get in touch and book another session.
    We will keep on boobin 🙂

  6. Sarah

    You’ve helped me tremendously through our skype consult and through the many well researched and well thought out articles you write and share. I found you three years ago when I had my daughter and I will continue to recommend you to friends who could benefit from your expertise.

    Thank you Meg for being you, for everything you do advocating for us mothers who at times feel silenced by “mainstream experts” who do not have our best interest in mind.

  7. Nadine (verified owner)

    Thank you fotlr your support and advice. After 2 weeks off of soy, my bub started thriving as hoped. I weaned him off the triple feeding as you suggested and onto the switch feeding. I was able to still get the top up amount with the haakaa as I hoped.

    Your switch feeding method has become natural to us both, often going back and forth 3 times in a feed. In the 10 days that I started weaning off the top ups and onto the switch feeding he has gone from 3.4kg to 3.8kg!

    With my first I was still triple feeding her at 4 months old because I didn’t know how to get out of the triple feeding trap. Being able to gradually change over to switch feeding at 4 weeks old has made such a huge difference to my life as I’m comfortable going out without the need to pump in public.

  8. Joanna

    As a mother breastfeeding her 2 year old, I didn’t feel like I had much support beyond infancy. The midwife support was long gone and my GP would just say breastfeeding beyond 6 months didn’t add any benefit (so wrong!).

    I wanted someone to talk to about how I could continue breastfeeding an active and demanding toddler, while creating some boundaries and autonomy over my breasts.

    I found Meg on instagram and loved her straight talking, no-fluff advice to Mums. In just 30 mins, she was able to answer my pressing questions about how to stop day feeds without tantrums and provide clarity around breastfeeding to sleep boundaries. Even her follow up support has been reassuring and insightful. Thank you Meg. I’m sure I’ll be in touch again when he turns 3! Xx

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