Meg’s Speaking Engagements

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Meg is Australia’s leading breastfeeding specialist!

I am currently unavailable for speaking engagements, please see the list below for some of the previous presentations I have done.


Speaking Engagements 2020

September 1st-December 31st, 2020. Breastfeeding Conferences Webinar: Breastfeeding Insight. “Supporting families through the tongue tie journey”.

September 14th, 2020. GOLD Online Tongue Tie Symposium 2020. Guest speaker presenting: “Management of breastfeeding when frenotomy is not possible”.

October 2-4th, 2020. La Leche League NZ conference – Cambridge, New Zealand. Keynote speaker, presenting two sessions: “It Takes A Village” and “Night-time breastfeeding beyond babyhood. Do we know what is normal?” CANCELED DUE TO COVID-19 😢

Previous Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements 2019

30 March – Childbirth Education Association, Darwin. Guest speaker, presenting: “Jumping into motherhood…sleep, breastfeeding and what is normal?!”

September (Date TBA) – MummyCon, Gold Coast. Guest Speaker. Topic TBA

Speaking Engagements 2018

3 MarchMummyCon 2018, Melbourne. Guest speaker, presenting: “”Breastfeeding to Natural Term…what’s normal? Why even do it?!”” and “”Will I ever Sleep again?”

3 April- 4 JuneGold Lactation Online Conference. Closing keynote speaker presenting: “What to Do When the Laid-back Breastfeeding Position Doesn’t Work…Self Attachment, the Flipple Technique and the Koala Hold all with a “Hands off” Approach”

3-4 AugustBreastfeeding Conferences: Broken Sleep? Insights into biology, culture and parenting, Brisbane. Guest speaker presenting: “Night-time breastfeeding beyond babyhood… Do we know what is normal?”

9 SeptemberThe Baby Collective Expo, Newcastle West NSW. Guest speaker presenting: “Sleep and the breastfed child” and “Breastfeeding Beyond Babyhood”.

28-29 SeptemberLa Leche League Great Britain Conference, Derbyshire. Guest speaker presenting: “Common Challenges”, “Breastfeeding Beyond Babyhood” and “Social Media and Blogging”.

1 October- 3 DecemberGold Perinatal Online Conference.  Guest speaker presenting: “Breastfeeding a Baby with T21 (Down’s Syndrome)”.

Previous Speaking Engagements 2014-2017

3rd August 2017 Kunara, Forest Glen, QLD. Presenting: “Will I ever sleep again? Gentle sleep solutions for breastfeeding families”.

27 July 2017 Australian Breastfeeding Association, Sunshine Coast. Guest speaker, “The role of a Lactation Consultant”.

5th May 2017 Midwifery Society Conference, Tweed Heads. Guest speaker, presenting: “Self attachment, long term breastfeeding plans and weaning from supplements”.

3-7 April 2017 La Leche League International Online Conference, “Building A Legacy”. Guest speaker, presenting: “Breastfeeding a toddler…why on earth?! Breastfeeding to natural term”.

13 February 2017 Bay FM Radio, Interview: “Breastfeeding after breast cancer”.

26 July 2016- I presented at the”Breastfeeding Conference-Supporting women in the first 8 weeks” in Greater Shepparton.

14-15th May 2016 I presented at the QLD Australian Breastfeeding Association Conference.


April 2016-May 2016 I presented my session, “Exclusively Breastfeeding Triplets-Case Studies” for the online conference, iLactation.

Keynote speaker at the ABA Victoria Branch Conference, “It Takes A Village”.

16th-17th May, 2015. Hampton Park, VIC- Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) Victoria Branch Conference.

Sunday, the 30th of March 2015 – The Australian Breastfeeding Association.

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April 14th-May 31st 2014, Gold Lactation 2014 Online Conference

Thursday, the 22nd of May, 2014 at Kunara.

October 2014- Pregnancy, Birth & Babies Summit. I presented a webinar on the first 30 days postpartum.