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Breastfeeding in public should not even be a newsworthy topic.  The fact that we even have to talk about it shows what a sad state our society has reached. This stuff actually makes the news. Millions of women in other cultures breastfeed their babies in public around whomever and wherever and it is not even discussed as it’s
apart of society. It is the biological norm. It is not news, it is simply feeding your baby.  Pictures of breastfeeding tend to get the same reaction. This is what I wrote on my Facebook page about why I share pictures of breastfeeding,
“Some people get really worked up when they see a picture of a breastfeeding woman or a woman breastfeeding in public. So why do I share so many breastfeeding pics of myself and other women? Way back in the day when we lived together with our extended families and in very close community dwellings, we saw each other breastfeed. We saw other women get their periods, birth, breastfeed and go through menopause. We breastfed each others children, we taught each other the ancient women’s wisdom of how to go about feeding our babies. For some of us around the world, this is still the case but for many others it is a lonely road. We go home by ourselves with our babies after having seen only one or two breastfeeding women growing up (if we are lucky). I share pictures to help normalize breastfeeding, support breastfeeding women and help get the word out that breastfeeding is boringly normal…and awesome!”
Facebook has reported quite a few of my breastfeeding photos, including the one I have put here. In response I created a new word and new condition which I am sure will soon make its way into the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). A word which encompasses the ever growing and worrying phobia of our times in the Western  world…

LACTABOOBIEPHOBIA.   People around the world who ask women to “cover up” or “be more discreet” while breastfeeding suffer from this condition.  Now even breastfeeding women suffer from this and feel self conscious or are afraid that someone will ask them to cover up! Nursing blankets are now a “thing” and are sold everywhere! 

Here is a test I have created for you to take if you think you might suffer from this phobia.  Please answer “yes” or “no”…

1. Do you gasp in horror when you see a boob with a baby attached to it?  

2. Do you often look on and shake your head disapprovingly when you see a woman breastfeeding in public?

3. Have you asked a woman to, “cover up” or “go to the toilet” so her baby can have her snack while breathing in extra carbon dioxide while hidden under a blanket and/or smell poop and public toilet cleaner while eating?

4. Do you feel the overwhelming need to make negative comments under photos you see on Facebook of a woman breastfeeding? Here are some examples of what you might find yourself writing…”I am all for breastfeeding and have fed all three of my children but I think this is inappropriate! She needs to cover up! The whole world does not have to see this”!

5. Do you get uncomfortable seeing a BOOB when you know it is actually making and storing milk and is not sexual but there just for the purpose of feeding a child?

6. Do you “support” breastfeeding but not breastfeeding in public (gasp!) and do not support breastfeeding unless it is, “discreet”?

7. Do you find yourself questioning how, when, where and under what conditions a woman can and/or should breastfeed?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then you my friend suffer from the condition which is yet to be recognised by the American Psychiatric Association as….


Have no fear! Read on to find out how you can rid yourself of this exhausting and terrifying phobia.  There is hope for you! Remind yourself of the following:

1. Just because a body part is at some moments in time sexual, does not make it sexual at ANY GIVEN MOMENT.  My vagina is not sexual when I am sitting in the car driving to the beach or standing in the kitchen cooking dinner. A man’s penis is not sexual when he is standing in line waiting for his coffee or running around in the backyard with the dog…and my breasts are not sexual when I am feeding my baby or toddler.

2.Think in your mind, “Her breasts are not sexual at this moment, they are just feeding and nourishing her baby”.  Sometimes a change in your thoughts is all that is needed to get over this terrifying phobia you suffer from.

3. You actually have control over your own thoughts and actions! You are not a victim of the lactating boob or the baby attached to it! YOU CAN WALK AWAY! YOU CAN LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO STARE AT HER BOOB! Isn’t that awesome?!

4. Let me repeat, you are not a victim of the lactating boob or the baby attached to it. This is actually a problem in your own mind which you have created.  Remember, a woman’s breastfeeding breasts are NOT SEXUAL. Once you can let go of this attachment you have of sexualizing her breasts then you are free from any discomfort or phobia! Yay!

Please remember it may take time to get over your debilitating phobia.  You might still cringe a bit when you see a lactating breast with a baby attached to it, but keep on going through this helpful list and soon you will rid yourself of this condition!

It may be helpful for you to look at the pictures throughout this blog article of lactating, breastfeeding boobs with babies attached to them…this is called “immersion therapy”.  The idea is that if you bombard yourself with your phobia and immerse yourself in all of these lactating boobs then you will be healed! Your phobia will disappear! I have taken it upon myself to get you started in your immersion therapy with these pictures.


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