We all go through a similar scenario…

Baby is born and we understand that yes, he will breastfeed all the time 24/7, frequently and without any sort of schedule.

Then as toddlerhood approaches, we start to question what is happening. They still breastfeed constantly…continue to have days where they are on the boob NON. STOP. We start to wonder… “Is my toddler boobie monster NORMAL?!”

The problem is that in our Western societies we hardly ever see breastfeeding anymore. If we do it’s for a brief moment as someone quickly and quietly sits with their baby on a park bench. We never see the 2-year-old child doing gynNURStics as they whip their legs around, hold a cracker and climb up their mother’s chest all while staying latched on. We just never see it. As a society we have actually forgotten what is normal as our child grows.

We are frequently questioned for breastfeeding our growing toddler AGAIN and people wonder why they are breastfeeding so much at such an “old” age.

Here is what I have to say about it…

Does your toddler breastfeed frequently? Mine definitely did! 🙂

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