I am the “resident IBCLC” on a breastfeeding triplets page on Facebook. A mum asked if breastfeeding triplets is 3 times as hard as breastfeeding one baby. There were a few different responses but I saw a comment from Jess, a breastfeeding triplet mum who is pictured here with her babies. I really loved what she had to say about it and gave me permission to share here…

jess breastfeeding triplets

“I have three boys then the three girls. It’s hard. But I believe triplets are hard. I think breast feeding for me makes life easier. It’s time consuming, yes, it means that you do a lot from one spot on the floor with the other kids while you feed, but I’d so rather all my kids get the loving comfort and healthy start of breast feeding than prop a bottle in their mouth so I can get things done. My boys understand that I’m giving my best to all of them. They see the importance of looking after the babies. They often ask… ‘Did you do this with me when I was a baby’ and I tell them ‘yes, I have done my best to make sure you all have the best start I can give.’ They appreciate that. I feel that although its hard, its teaching them a wonderful lesson. We often all sat and talked in the lounge room while I feed. Or watch a movie together, or even play a board game when the babies were littler. Now it’s easy and I just feed on the go whenever.”

Parenting is hard work! Breastfeeding is not all fun and games, especially when breastfeeding triplets! Although I will never understand what breastfeeding triplets is really like, I can relate to what Jess is saying.  We are not only mothering through breastfeeding for out little ones, but we are also teaching our boys what it means to mother this way.  They see first hand what it’s like having their sibling’s needs be met through the most natural normal way, which women have been doing since the beginning of time.  It is hard sometimes…but we all keep pushing on. Keep on boobin’!   😀