Boobin’ All Day…Boobin’ All Night

A Gentle Approach To Sleep For Breastfeeding Families

This boobin’ book includes:

  • Why breastfed children wake frequently and why it is so important to answer their cries.

  • How to get more sleep and feel more rested without doing cry-it-out or sleeping training techniques.

  • The results from her survey on night-waking and breastfeeding patterns.

  • How to combine routines or rituals with breastfeeding on demand.

  • Why it is not a bad habit to breastfeed your little one to sleep.

  • How to find your inner marsupial and have a happier, more content baby.

  • What to do when you are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

  • Safe co-seeping and bedsharing guidelines, along with different sleeping arrangements you can try for your family.

  • How to bedshare or co-sleep while tandem breastfeeding (breastfeeding two children at the same time).

  • What to do when your breastfed child hates to sleep!

  • The secrets to getting your baby to take longer naps…without being attached to the boob.

  • Gentle night-weaning tips and suggestions.

  • What gut health has to do with breastfeeding and night-waking.

…and more!

Most babies just want a cuddle and a boob. This book is for those looking for gentle suggestions, an understanding of what is normal in breastfed babies and toddlers and what to do when everyone says your way of mothering through breastfeeding (especially at night) is not best…when you know in your heart that it is.

5 star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Praise for “Boobin’ All Day… Boobin’ All Night

“Meg tells it like it is – the sweetness and the challenges, without sugar coating. She shares what is normal for the breastfeeding baby, why it is important to respond to your baby’s cues for food and comfort and how you can meet your baby’s needs and your own, gently and kindly. This is a lovely mix of personal experience, wisdom and the science that validates mothering through breastfeeding – day and night.”
-Pinky McKay, IBCLC. Author of Sleeping like a Baby and Parenting by Heart.
“Meg has a gentle approach of helping us find ways to honor our baby’s important needs as we respect our own basic needs.  This book is filled with wonderful ideas and strategies for making both days and nights with your baby more fulfilling and enjoyable.  I like that it’s realistic, clearly coming from her own lived experience.  But it’s also grounded in science with the latest understandings of the importance of breastfeeding and infant attachment.”
Diana West, IBCLC. Co-author of Sweet Sleep, The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding and The Breastfeeding Mother’s Guide To Making More Milk
“Love this book, it’s everything I imagined it would be. Meg’s approach is perfect and this is exactly what every expectant parent should read.” 
Tess, breastfeeding mother to two children.