My funny kids. Thankfully they make me laugh more than they make me cry!

Today Mini The Milk unwrapped all of my menstrual pads he found under the sink. He then slipped in his puddle of pee and fell on his back. My husband and I laughed. Now, before you start judging me and think “what a horrible mother! How could she laugh at her poor little baby?!” First, he was not hurt. Thankfully he fell in a way that did not give him a concussion. Secondly, we laugh when we see something funny. And it was HILARIOUS.  As a mum to three boys, it is important to be able to laugh. I am tired, my day is filled with breastfeeds, cleaning, working on my blog or doing consults, laundry…so I need a good chuckle.

 I am surrounded with very energetic, entertaining little jumping beans. My boys chat and giggle about farts, penises and vaginas, they throw footy and tennis balls around the house when I am not looking, they jump on the couch when I am distracted and can’t ask them to stop. They pee on the floor of the bathroom because they ALWAYS seem to miss the toilet; they punch each other and then play Lego.  And they eat. And then they eat again. And then they eat. 

 Mothers are usually tired. This exhaustion often leads to delirium and confusion.  What was I just doing? Why did I walk into this room? Where did I put that? Can I please just go pee by myself without my toddler trying to stick his hand in the toilet and unroll the toilet paper (this article is all about pee as you can see…)

 There are times we will feel exhausted. There are times we will want to crawl into a cave (or at least under our covers). There are times we will be BORED OUT OF OUR MINDS while reading that story AGAIN.  Or sitting there trying to look excited as our toddler throws the ball AGAIN.  This is motherhood. Sometimes it’s awesome, and sometimes it’s well….not.

 So what do I do when I am tired, bored or just plain delirious?  I go to bed early. I don’t clean for at least twenty four hours. I give my oldest two children lots of exciting chores which they complain endlessly about(while punching each other and giggling about penises and poop).  I breastfeed. I try to eat sitting down. I complain to my husband…

 Most of the time it’s awesome. I love being home and I am grateful to be able to. But I can still complain sometimes…right? There are many things I cannot change right now and I’m OK with that because the time will come when he falls asleep on his own (just like my older kids do now). He will eventually stop breastfeeding (with gentle encouragement from me probably). He will stop wanting to be carried.  He will grow up and start to read his own book before bed. He will forget what it was like to be breastfed. He will carry his own baby one day.

 I had babies and therefor I will be tired and focus on what I CAN change right now.

 My mantras!

 *I will sleep when he sleeps

*I will stay home with him instead of going out today to his music program.

*I will go to bed early

*I will be nice to myself and get a facial…(Mr. The Milk are you reading this? Please get me a massage and facial gift certificate) Please! Please!

Focus on what you CAN do to get more rest and feel sane. And hang out with your friends. It’s the best medicine there is! Or you can give your Ipad to your older child…then you can find things like this on it and laugh again. After you have laughed at your toddler slipping in his pee puddle…



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