Frequently Asked Questions

“What is an IBCLC?”


IBCLC is the acronym for “International Board Certified Lactation Consultant”. IBCLC’s are the gold standard of lactation support. We are the experts in the field of lactation education and support and are located all over the world in hospital, community health and private practice settings.

“How can I get help?”

I’m in Australia, however breastfeeding and sleep help is available worldwide! I offer support via phone, Skype, Zoom and email. I do in-person consultations on the Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia, you can book for that HERE. For information on scheduling a virtual or phone consultation, HEAD HERE!

How quickly will you be able to see me?”
With the nature of my work, people usually want to see me, “right now!” so I do not over-book my schedule and always leave last minute spots open each day. Because of how I organise my schedule, I’m usually able to see people last minute, within 24 hours. CONTACT ME if you’d like to double check before booking.

What happens during a consultation?
Prior to our consultation, you can fill out a medical history form (FOUND HERE) and email it to me so I can get the background of your situation before we speak. I will then ask more detailed questions and gather a full history. We will then form a plan together for the short, and long term. If we have enough time left we can save it for a follow up to re-assess how things are going and make sure you are seeing improvements

“How will you be able to help me if you can’t see me in-person? Don’t you have to look at the latch?”

There’s no question that seeing someone in person is great! However I have been doing virtual consultations for over 7 years now and have fine-tuned the art of offering breastfeeding support this way! If there was one thing I’d like to yell on my rooftop across the world it’s, “The look of the latch does not matter!” I could be completely blind and still be able to do this work. Why? Because 99.9% of the time when I look at a baby breastfeeding, it is just confirming everything the mother has already noticed and has told me. Also, my perspective on how it looks is irrelevant. The latch could look “great” but you are still experiencing pain. HOWEVER, yes of course there will be times where watching a breastfeed is helpful as it gives visual confirmation of what’s going on, and sometimes I notice things such as loss of suction when feeding. You can send a short video of your baby prior to the consultation so I can have a visual.

Does my breastfeeding child have to be with me during the consultation?

Totally up to you! Either way is fine. As mentioned above, if you’d like me to see your child breastfeed, sending a video prior to the consultation works best as you can capture what you’d like me to see and your baby doesn’t have to feed at a certain time.

How much time should I book?
It depends on what you need help with. I cover all time recommendations and options here. You can pick the topic you need some help with, just CLICK HERE for info.

I can’t afford to spend too much money, do you have budget friendly resources and support?
I offer
three different consultation options for individualised help and planning to accommodate different budgets and different needs. However, I do have other resources besides consultations which can give you general information on the topic you are looking for. This includes my BOOBinars (breastfeeding webinars) and my books. Click HERE to check out my BOOBinars or HERE to check out my books.

“I need a lot of help! Can you be on-call for me?” For those of you who have a lot going on and will need ongoing help over time, I offer the “Mega Milk Meg Support!” option. This includes access to 4 of my BOOBinars (breastfeeding webinars) of your choice, a 30 minute consultation each week for 4 weeks, out of office hours email support and my 3 ebooks! I only take 3 Mega Milk Meg clients each month. HEAD HERE for info on this.