FAbreastfeedingQ’s and my articles that address them!!

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Am I making enough milk? Is my baby getting enough milk?

My kid won’t eat! Can he survive on breastmilk only, even when he is over six months old?

Is it possible for me to relactate?

I am pregnant with twins/triplets. Can I breastfeed all of them? How can I make sure I have enough milk?

How can I get my baby to stop biting me while breastfeeding?

How can I get my baby to take longer naps?

Should I train my baby to fall asleep on their own and breastfeed to a schedule?

I was told I need to stop breastfeeding and switch my toddler to cow’s milk.  Do I really need to do this?

Breastfeeding a newborn is so hard! I have sore nipples, my baby breastfeeds non-stop and I’m exhausted! Will I ever feel normal again?!

I’m not sure if attachment parenting is for me. What is it all about? Do I have to baby wear and breastfeed him until he is really old?

Are there really that many differences between formula and breastmilk?

My baby pukes constantly! Is there something wrong with her?

Should I breastfeed past one year? Is it normal to breastfeed into toddlerhood?

What is baby led weaning and when should I introduce solids?

How can I night wean my toddler and get her out of our bed?!

New mums FAQ!

My boobs feel empty, my baby breastfeeds non-stop and all through the night…I don’t think I have enough milk?!


My baby is so cranky! How can I settle him?

I was told I should not breastfeed my baby to sleep but it feels so natural! Who should I listen to?!

My baby keeps waking up after a half an hour nap, how can I get her to nap for a longer amount of time?


My baby is a puke machine!! Is it normal for him to throw up and spit up so much?

I am having trouble breastfeeding in the classic, “cradle” hold. What other positions can I try?


I really need to increase my supply/relactate. How can I do this?


Attachment parenting…what’s the deal? Do I have to have him attached to my boob 24/7, co-sleep, grow out my armpit hair and turn vegetarian?

I was told that my baby should be sleeping through the night already…is this true?

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I am having trouble breastfeeding in the classic, “cradle” hold. What other positions can I try?

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My partner really wants to bond with our baby.  Is feeding her a bottle the only way for them to do this?

My baby JUST breastfed five minutes ago!! Can she really be hungry again?!


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