Alternatives to feeding your baby with a bottle…

 Feeding your baby with a cup…it is not only possible but adorable! There are some great reasons to try a cup instead of a bottle…

Many mums have heard the term, “nipple confusion” before.  Nipple confusions happens to some babies because the mechanisms for sucking on an artificial nipple are very different to sucking on a real nipple. Different facial muscles are used and the way the nipple actually fills the mouth and stretches is completely different between the two. Nipple confusion can happen when a baby is introduced to a pacifier or a nipple on a bottle. Some babies have a hard time going back and forth between the two and this can lead to a baby preferring the artificial nipple (and refusing the breast) and/or having trouble latching on to the breast because of the different sucking techniques needed.  Not every baby will have a problem with this, yet some do! It is impossible to know if your baby will have trouble with this so I always suggest to women that they tread on the safe side and see if cup feeding works for them and their babies. This way they can avoid bottles completely! 

The following is of a video during a consultation that I had with Monique. She has given me permission to share this video and her story as a way to let other mums know that in many cases, it is possible to avoid bottles.

Monique’s baby has been very slow to gain weight and had not gained his birth weight back.  There are many different steps Monique is taking to increase her supply. One of these steps is to express her milk often throughout the day (and once at night) along with frequent breastfeeding. She is then feeding her expressed milk to her baby with a cup after she breastfeeds him to “top” him up.  In the first part of the video you will see her using a bottle as a cup. The last part of this shows her using a shot glass. She found the smaller glass much easier to use.

Important Steps:

1. Make sure your baby is happy before you begin!

2. You might find it much easier if you swaddle your baby first.

3. Sit your baby upright

4. Put a bib on them as there will be some dribble.

5. Let your baby set the pace.

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*Every woman and baby are different and what works for one mum and baby might not work for another. Please contact me if you would like to increase your supply and/or learn more about cup feeding.  I am available for virtual breastfeeding consultations.

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