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My Husband’s Perspective

From Skeptic To Supporter. My Husband’s Journey…

2017-07-24T09:36:30+10:00November 13th, 2013|Attachment Parenting, Breastfeeding Toddlers, Fathers and Breastfeeding, My Husband's Perspective|

Mick with baby #2 My husband Mick and I had our first baby when we were both nearing the end of our studies at University.  I was pregnant at 21.  I had gone over to Australia to study abroad, met Mick, got engaged a year later and then one month after our engagement [...]


Breastfeeding From My Husband’s Perspective…"Man Talk"

2018-10-07T12:49:12+10:00January 14th, 2013|Fathers and Breastfeeding, My Husband's Perspective|

A partner's support during a woman's breastfeeding adventures can be just the thing she needs to get her through, without turning to formula. There has actually been research done which shows the importance of a partner's support, especially if the woman is having difficulties. It is also important for when the breastfeeding relationship continues into [...]



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