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My Husband’s Perspective

The Ludicrous Arguments Against Breastfeeding In Public Gives Me The…

2018-10-07T13:13:15+10:00August 10th, 2014|Breastfeeding in Public, My Husband's Perspective|

**Every now and then Mr. The Milk (my husband) writes up a little blog post for my website. This one made me laugh (and I'm not biased in any way of course) and it will definitely offend some people...but honestly we are both so sick of the breastfeeding in public "HOOHA" that is going on, [...]


From Skeptic To Supporter. My Husband’s Journey…

2017-07-24T09:36:30+10:00November 13th, 2013|Attachment Parenting, Breastfeeding Toddlers, Fathers and Breastfeeding, My Husband's Perspective|

Mick with baby #2 My husband Mick and I had our first baby when we were both nearing the end of our studies at University.  I was pregnant at 21.  I had gone over to Australia to study abroad, met Mick, got engaged a year later and then one month after our engagement [...]


Breastfeeding From My Husband’s Perspective…"Man Talk"

2018-10-07T12:49:12+10:00January 14th, 2013|Fathers and Breastfeeding, My Husband's Perspective|

A partner's support during a woman's breastfeeding adventures can be just the thing she needs to get her through, without turning to formula. There has actually been research done which shows the importance of a partner's support, especially if the woman is having difficulties. It is also important for when the breastfeeding relationship continues into [...]



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