Common Breastfeeding Challenges

Common Breastfeeding Criticisms And The Research To Bust Them!

2018-10-07T13:20:00+10:00July 3rd, 2015|Attachment Parenting, Breastfeeding in Public, Common Breastfeeding Challenges|

As breastfeeding mothers we hear criticism and questionings from family, friends and strangers frequently.  I wanted to hear from mothers out there on the negative statements and questions people have said to them. I received over 350 comments from people on Facebook when I asked this question!  Here are some of their answers and my [...]


Should I just give up? What to do when breastfeeding is really hard…

2019-06-23T18:58:29+10:00May 26th, 2015|Common Breastfeeding Challenges, Low Supply and Relactation|

It’s the most heartbreaking and most difficult question for me to answer, “Should I just give up? How long should I keep doing this…waiting for breastfeeding to just happen easily? Will it ever work? What can I do when breastfeeding is really hard?” There are many different situations where a [...]


The latch looks great! Really?! Tell that to my burning nipple…

2019-02-05T18:14:59+10:00March 31st, 2015|Common Breastfeeding Challenges|

Causes of nipple pain while breastfeeding and why it does not matter what someone thinks of the latch... “The latch looks fine! “Ooooohhhh wait, that doesn't look right” “He is not latched on right” the [...]


Nine things I wish I knew before I became a breastfeeding mother…

2019-07-28T18:34:19+10:00February 16th, 2015|Attachment Parenting, Common Breastfeeding Challenges|

1. You will feel mother guilt no matter what you do. We are constantly making decisions. The simplest things (how we are going to feed our babies and how they are going to sleep) can become so overwhelming; with so much information thrown at us on a daily basis we end up [...]


Nine reasons my child is not “too old” to breastfeed…

2019-06-23T16:51:57+10:00November 5th, 2014|Attachment Parenting, Breastfeeding Toddlers, Common Breastfeeding Challenges, Weaning|

I have written before on my blog about the first time I saw a breastfeeding toddler. I was at the house of a mother I had only just met. She was a La Leche League Leader (volunteer breastfeeding counsellor) and mother of two. Her youngest who was about 18 months old at the time, jumped [...]


How To Lose Weight While Breastfeeding!

2018-10-07T13:17:04+10:00October 31st, 2014|Common Breastfeeding Challenges, Exercise and Breastfeeding|

The Do’s and DO NOT'S to weight loss while boobin’ your baby! This is pretty much what I looked like from behind when pregnant with my first. Artist: Jeanne Lorioz Having had three babies, my body has gone through many changes. Seriously, my ass was the size of a small mountain when I [...]


An Argument For “Comfort Breastfeeding”

2019-06-20T10:49:08+10:00June 14th, 2014|Attachment Parenting, Common Breastfeeding Challenges, Tips to Settle Your Baby|

"He is just breastfeeding for comfort." "You really do not have to feed him again, he is just looking for comfort." "She is not really hungry, just feeding for comfort." Many of us have heard (or read) these words... Almost daily I hear from women who have been told that they should [...]


Seven Crucial Steps To Increasing And Maintaining Your Breastmilk Supply

2019-06-20T10:48:56+10:00May 12th, 2014|Common Breastfeeding Challenges, Low Supply and Relactation|

How can I get my breastmilk supply off to a great start? What can I do to increase my supply? Do I have enough breastmilk for my baby? 1. Breastfeed your baby by following their cues...not the clock or the schedule in the book you were given. Most of [...]


Can I Overfeed My Breastfed Baby?

2019-05-10T14:06:40+10:00April 22nd, 2014|Attachment Parenting, Baby Reflux and Spitting Up, Common Breastfeeding Challenges|

"I heard I can't overfeed my breastfed baby BUT..." "My friend told me I am over-feeding my baby and she really only needs to breastfeed every 3 hours or so..." "Have I breastfed my baby too frequently today? She keeps going on and off the breast." "Is my baby spitting up so much because I'm [...]


Sleep Deprivation, Mother Guilt And Why We Need to Stop The Glorification Of “Busy”

2018-10-03T04:43:49+10:00April 13th, 2014|Attachment Parenting, Common Breastfeeding Challenges, Sleep Challenges|

  This past week was probably the most sleep deprived I have ever been in my entire life!  I was working and traveling across the country to film a documentary based on one of my blog posts, all while I had a very sick toddler attached to my boob! Oh the mother guilt... I have [...]


My Kid Won’t Eat!

2019-06-21T10:21:23+10:00March 26th, 2014|Common Breastfeeding Challenges, Introducing Solids|

Is the above picture familiar to you? The empty chair with the plate of food! But where is your toddler?!  Probably trying to find you to ask for boob... *If you'd like more information after reading this, click here to check out my BOOBinar (breastfeeding webinar) on this topic!* Many of us go through [...]


Video Of The Laid Back Breastfeeding Position-Encourage Your Baby To Self-Attach!

2019-05-13T14:25:46+10:00March 9th, 2014|Breastfeeding Videos, Common Breastfeeding Challenges|

Did you know that babies are able to self attach?  It's awesome to watch and always amazes the mum how easily her baby can attach and breastfeed without her having to do a thing. Often times in hospitals a mum has someone hold her boob, sandwiched like a hamburger while trying to shove the baby's [...]


Twelve Positive, Supportive Things To Tell A New Breastfeeding Mum (frequently…and with a smile!)

2019-05-21T09:34:14+10:00January 5th, 2014|Common Breastfeeding Challenges|

Oh the advice us new breastfeeding mums receive (and sometimes give ourselves!)... We go through our whole pregnancy having to listen to people tell us we look; "Huge", "Small", "Wow! You are so overdue!", "You're going to use drugs during your labour?!", "You're NOT going to use drugs?!", "Wow, you are carrying so low you will [...]


Do Babies and Toddlers Really Need To Breastfeed So Frequently? Fifteen Reasons Your Child Wants To Breastfeed…

2019-04-02T14:35:49+10:00December 29th, 2013|Attachment Parenting, Breastfeeding Toddlers, Common Breastfeeding Challenges, Tips to Settle Your Baby|

No amount of research and scientific findings could ever pinpoint every reason as to why babies and toddlers breastfeed frequently.  No amount of scientific exploration into the composition of breastmilk could grasp the variety of possible answers to the question, "why does my child breastfeed so much?" This is because breastfeeding is much more [...]


How Long Should I Breastfeed My Child For?!… And Is My Child Weaning Or Having A Nursing Strike?

2017-07-24T09:36:29+10:00December 17th, 2013|Breastfeeding Toddlers, Common Breastfeeding Challenges, Weaning|

No matter how supportive people are of breastfeeding, you are bound to come across a very unexpected comment from that particular person whom you felt was 100% behind you and your breastfeeding efforts.  My mother is the perfect example of this.  When my first son was born (over ten years ago, wow how time flies!) [...]


How Do I Get My Baby To Breastfeed Exclusively? Tori’s Story of Patience And Perseverance

2017-07-24T09:36:29+10:00December 10th, 2013|Common Breastfeeding Challenges, Low Supply and Relactation|

Little Zaxon! Tori came to see me for a consult about six weeks ago.  She was a chill, new young twenty year old mum. My mouth dropped when I looked into the baby capsule she brought in from the car. Her baby boy was so teeny tiny! He was absolutely adorable with his [...]


Sometimes Breastfeeding A Newborn Baby Sucks…Why and what to do about it!

2017-07-24T09:36:30+10:00August 8th, 2013|Common Breastfeeding Challenges|

Sometimes breastfeeding a newborn sucks...yup, it's true. For more than one reason. We constantly question our own instincts, we don't know who to listen to (ourselves or our mothers and friends?), we read every bit of information we can get our hands on and are still confused. Different doctors, midwives, lactation consultants and breastfeeding volunteers [...]


My Baby Is A Vampire! How Do I Get My Baby To Stop Biting While He Is Breastfeeding?!

2019-05-14T13:27:20+10:00July 14th, 2013|Common Breastfeeding Challenges, How To Stop The Biting Breastfeeder|

The biting vampire baby! We have all been there...for months you happily breastfeed your baby. Looking down at them lovingly while you sip on your tea and look at your IPhone.   Then it happens...out of the blue...CHOMP!  YEOW! Why is my beautiful little breastfeeder biting me?! Does my baby [...]


Relactating and building your breastmilk supply…YOUR MILK CAN FLOW AGAIN!

2019-05-10T14:19:03+10:00April 4th, 2013|Common Breastfeeding Challenges, Low Supply and Relactation, Relactation|

Are you feeding your baby breastmilk and formula (mixed feeding) but would like to exclusively feed your baby your breastmilk only? Are you currently formula feeding but would love to breastfeed your baby?  Have you weaned your baby but would like to breastfeed again? Have a read of the following two stories from women who [...]


Various Breastfeeding Positions. Or As I Like to Call it…

2017-07-24T09:36:32+10:00February 25th, 2013|Common Breastfeeding Challenges, Tips to Settle Your Baby|

Creative Breastfeeding!  Here I am breastfeeding in the classic, "cradle hold". I will never forget the pain and exhaustion I felt when I had mastitis. My middle boy was born one month early and although he latched on no problem, he would tire quickly and I would be left with an extremely engorged breast. I had [...]