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Attachment Parenting

Is my breastfeeding toddler normal?

2017-07-24T09:36:26+10:00February 25th, 2016|Attachment Parenting, Breastfeeding Toddlers|

We all go through a similar scenario... Baby is born and we understand that yes, he will breastfeed all the time 24/7, frequently and without any sort of schedule. Then as toddlerhood approaches, we start to question what is happening. They still breastfeed constantly...continue to have days where they are on the boob NON. STOP. [...]


What it’s like sending my breastfeeding, “attached” little boy off to preschool…

2017-07-24T09:36:26+10:00February 8th, 2016|Attachment Parenting, Breastfeeding Toddlers|

How an attachment parent with a breastfeeding almost 4 year old transitions gently into preschool (or "Kindy" as we call it here in Australia)… My almost four year old, little Mini The Milk is “still” breastfeeding. Only just barely left our bed to sleep through in his own bed, in his own room. He slept [...]


And then you were done…An open letter to my 3 year old, almost weaned, youngest little boy…

2017-07-24T09:36:26+10:00November 30th, 2015|Attachment Parenting, Breastfeeding Toddlers|

I could never really believe that you were going to be my final baby. But I know now. I know as I wrap you up in my arms. As I make up little apple slices for your snack. As I hold your hand to cross the street. And as I bring you to my breast. [...]


My baby is not broken…so please fuck off.

2018-10-15T06:36:25+10:00October 7th, 2015|Attachment Parenting, Common Breastfeeding Challenges, Sleep Challenges|

Time and time again I am reminded of why we think our babies are broken. Just yesterday I saw an advertisement in my local newspaper. "Does your child need some help sleeping?" it read. I cringed...I looked at the picture of the beautiful baby sleeping peacefully in his cot. And I was brought back to [...]


Common Breastfeeding Criticisms And The Research To Bust Them!

2018-10-07T13:20:00+10:00July 3rd, 2015|Attachment Parenting, Breastfeeding in Public, Common Breastfeeding Challenges|

As breastfeeding mothers we hear criticism and questionings from family, friends and strangers frequently.  I wanted to hear from mothers out there on the negative statements and questions people have said to them. I received over 350 comments from people on Facebook when I asked this question!  Here are some of their answers and my [...]


Nine things I wish I knew before I became a breastfeeding mother…

2019-07-28T18:34:19+10:00February 16th, 2015|Attachment Parenting, Common Breastfeeding Challenges|

1. You will feel mother guilt no matter what you do. We are constantly making decisions. The simplest things (how we are going to feed our babies and how they are going to sleep) can become so overwhelming; with so much information thrown at us on a daily basis we end up [...]


How do I get my kid out of my bed?!

2019-06-17T11:54:35+10:00December 7th, 2014|Attachment Parenting, Breastfeeding Toddlers, Sleep Challenges|

*This is an excerpt from my book which you can find here on Amazon or my website.* “Never let your baby into your bed! You’ll never get them out!”  Have you heard that one before? I did many times as a new mother.  My husband and I were still in college at the time, the [...]


Breastfeeding Three Year Old Triplets!

2017-07-24T09:36:27+10:00November 18th, 2014|Attachment Parenting, Breastfeeding Toddlers, Breastfeeding Triplets|

"In a few days my triplets will be three years old. They are walking and talking, they are inquisitive and socialised, they eat three meals plus snacks and drink from a cup, they have all their teeth, they are independent. And they are breastfed. Yes, still..." Davina is one of my breastfeeding idols. Her triplets have never [...]


Nine reasons my child is not “too old” to breastfeed…

2019-06-23T16:51:57+10:00November 5th, 2014|Attachment Parenting, Breastfeeding Toddlers, Common Breastfeeding Challenges, Weaning|

I have written before on my blog about the first time I saw a breastfeeding toddler. I was at the house of a mother I had only just met. She was a La Leche League Leader (volunteer breastfeeding counsellor) and mother of two. Her youngest who was about 18 months old at the time, jumped [...]


Why Our Breastfed Babies and Toddlers Wake So Frequently…

2019-05-10T14:12:44+10:00October 14th, 2014|Attachment Parenting, Sleep Challenges|

**This is an excerpt from my book, "Boobin' All Day...Boobin' All Night. A Gentle Approach To Sleep For Breastfeeding Families." Click here to find out more or to order. Sleep deprivation is something every mother understands. Being pushed to the brink of insanity from frequent night waking, that feeling of being woken [...]


Blame it on breastfeeding one more time…and I might just throw up a little bit.

2018-10-07T13:15:41+10:00September 26th, 2014|Attachment Parenting, Breastfeeding Toddlers, Sleep Challenges|

Here's the an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant I talk every day to women who are seeking help with breastfeeding. Almost every single one of these women (including myself) have heard someone tell them that "X" is happening BECAUSE THEY ARE BREASTFEEDING. What is this "X" I speak of? Well depending on who you are talking to it can [...]


Attachment Parenting Triplets! Breastfeeding To Natural Term, Co-Sleeping And Baby-Wearing!

2017-07-24T09:36:28+10:00July 16th, 2014|Attachment Parenting, Breastfeeding Triplets|

š"I never expressed and bottle fed. It was always me doing co- sleeping and breast feeding.” Jess is pretty much my attachment parenting idol.  She has done attachment parenting with all six of her children, including her triplets!  Jess said, "I never knew that it was attachment parent back then. But I felt strong instincts [...]


Please, Please Mama…Pick Up Your Crying Baby

2020-12-01T06:19:38+10:00July 7th, 2014|Attachment Parenting, Tips to Settle Your Baby|

This past week I saw two different women pushing crying babies in their prams.  One woman was walking around the shops with her baby crying and crying as she talked on her phone, trying to get her little one to sleep without having to hold or feed her. I wanted to cry for that baby who just wanted [...]


Operation Gentle Night Wean! Video Diary of Meg’s Night Weaning Experiences…

2017-07-24T09:36:28+10:00June 18th, 2014|Attachment Parenting, Breastfeeding Toddlers, Breastfeeding Videos, Sleep Challenges, Weaning|

THE TIME HAS (almost) COME!!! I am exhausted! I have been breastfeeding Mini The Milk throughout the night for 25 months now WITHOUT LYING DOWN! He hates to breastfeed lying down so the, "whip the boob out and fall back to sleep" like I did with my other two boys has not worked for me [...]


An Argument For “Comfort Breastfeeding”

2020-05-03T09:02:24+10:00June 14th, 2014|Attachment Parenting, Common Breastfeeding Challenges, Tips to Settle Your Baby|

"He is just breastfeeding for comfort." "You really do not have to feed him again, he is just looking for comfort." "She is not really hungry, just feeding for comfort." Many of us have heard (or read) these words... Almost daily I hear from women who have been told that they [...]


Can I Overfeed My Breastfed Baby?

2019-10-31T10:45:37+10:00April 22nd, 2014|Attachment Parenting, Baby Reflux and Spitting Up, Common Breastfeeding Challenges|

"I heard I can't overfeed my breastfed baby BUT..." "My friend told me I am over-feeding my baby and she really only needs to breastfeed every 3 hours or so..." "Have I breastfed my baby too frequently today? She keeps going on and off the breast." "Is my baby spitting up so much because I'm [...]


Sleep Deprivation, Mother Guilt And Why We Need to Stop The Glorification Of “Busy”

2018-10-03T04:43:49+10:00April 13th, 2014|Attachment Parenting, Common Breastfeeding Challenges, Sleep Challenges|

  This past week was probably the most sleep deprived I have ever been in my entire life!  I was working and traveling across the country to film a documentary based on one of my blog posts, all while I had a very sick toddler attached to my boob! Oh the mother guilt... I have [...]


Are You Watching The Clock Or Watching Your Baby? Sleep Training Books And Schedules…

2019-06-20T10:40:13+10:00March 18th, 2014|Attachment Parenting, Sleep Challenges|

Are you watching the clock or watching your baby? The authors of baby training books make millions off of sleep deprived parents.  Women bring these books into hospital with them when they are in labour, women turn to them after they have had little sleep, women listen to their friends as they tell them, "you [...]


How To Combine Attachment Parenting With A Marriage (or partnership)!

2018-10-07T13:04:14+10:00February 14th, 2014|Attachment Parenting, Fathers and Breastfeeding|

This is a excerpt from my book, "Boobin' All Day...Boobin' All Night. A Gentle Approach To Sleep For Breastfeeding Families"... We have all heard the nay-sayers and negative nellie's in regards to attachment parenting and how to combine it successfully with a marriage or partnership.  "But when do you actually have sex?!...You can't possibly find [...]


The Night Boob! How To Gently Night Wean Your Toddler From Breastfeeding And Bed-Sharing

2019-05-10T14:02:58+10:00January 14th, 2014|Attachment Parenting, Breastfeeding Toddlers, Creative Breastfeeding, Sleep Challenges, Weaning|

**An updated and expanded version of this article can be found as a chapter in my book "Boobin' All Day...Boobin' All Night. A Gentle Approach To Sleep For Breastfeeding Families".** Many of us breastfeeding mums go through the same stages of night time boobing... 1. We have our baby and listen to our instincts [...]


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