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The Sunday Mail 20th January 2013
The Sunshine Coast Daily 20th January 2013
On the 12th of January, 2013 Liana Webster took her three kids to her local pool.  While she was sitting there breastfeeding her eleven month old and watching her other two children swim, an employee walked over to her and told her she wasn’t allowed to feed there, that she had to “refrain from feeding out in the open.”  Click on this link for more info: Liana’s Story in The Courier Mail.  This pic above (from the Herald Sun) shows us breastfeeding mums who came to the nurse-in. Liana is at the front in the black shirt, I am behind her breastfeeding my little one.
As a breastfeeding mum who has experienced a similar situation myself (which I write about in my breastfeeding in public post, The Boob Hangs Out) I know the humiliation that comes along with being asked to breastfeed in the toilet or cover up.  This “issue” of breastfeeding in public should not even be an “issue.” 
I was interviewed by a few different media people at the nurse-in that was organized by Liana and every time I spoke to someone I mentioned the same point over and over, “if you feel as though a woman needs to be ‘discreet’ or move to a private spot to breastfeed then you are sexualising her breasts! It is YOUR problem.  Women have breasts for one purpose only, to feed our babies.  It’s as simple as that.” 
Here is some of the media coverage from the day:
From The Sunshine Coast Daily,  Nurse-In Website Article
From the Herald Sun, Nurse-In
My friend Kellie Bradfield came along to take some pictures.  She is not only a photographer, but also a former breastfeeding mum who breastfed all three of her kids and wanted to support Liana as well as all of the other breastfeeding mums out there. You can find her Facebook page here, Kellie.  Here are some great pics she took from the day…
Chanel 9 News!
There was so much media there!

Here I am holding my poster with another breastfeeding mum, Brogey! My husband thought of this little slogan (read more about breastfeeding man talk here at my previous post  Husband’s Perspective).

Laid-Back Breastfeeding!
Liana, I admire your courage for contacting the media and city council and I admire you for putting together this nurse-in.  Breastfeeding is not obscene. As I have mentioned before:
                         It is boringly normal. And Awesome!
For more on breastfeading in public, click on the following link…

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