Well…it has happened again! Last week, a woman breastfeeding in a hair salon in Melbourne was given half a haircut and then refused service by the hairdresser when she started breastfeeding her five month old. How is this still happening in this day in age? I just don’t understand. I have written about this topic before. You can check out my articles on breastfeeding in public HERE.

To support Cassie Handlin (who walked out with her hair half cut) and all of the other breastfeeding mums out there, I am sharing this picture of myself while breastfeeding at the hair salon. Coincidentally, this picture was taken the same exact day this story broke! 

Instead of being victims we can just quietly and confidently breastfeed whenever and wherever we are. We do not have to shout from the rooftops topless while breastfeeding to get our point across! We can just simply meet of our babies through breastfeeding. At times this will mean in the hair salon!   😀   Find a place to go where you will be supported. Not only did my hairdresser not think twice while I breastfed a total of three times while I was there, but she also took this picture! 

 hair cut


*To read more about Cassie’s story, click HERE.


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