When a La Leche League Leader (volunteer breastfeeding counsellor) taught me how to breastfeed while wearing my baby in a sling, my world changed. I could actually get up and do things while breastfeeding! Amazing! After we have our babies we often have to concentrate so hard on breastfeeding. We have to sit up in a certain way or always be lying down. We have to use our IPhones as flash lights in the middle of the night to see and we pretty much put the rest of our world on hold while we breastfeed. So it’s pretty darn amazing when you can master the art of breastfeeding while moving around! The picture above is of me taken last year, breastfeeding while doing some Christmas shopping. Not only was he happy in there breastfeeding but he was so relaxed he fell asleep. I did not have to sit in one of those stinky, loud annoying parent rooms and stop shopping. I could keep on truckin’ while feeding my baby. In the picture and video I am wearing an Ergo but you can use a similar baby carrier (such as the Beco) in the same way.  I will also be putting up a video very soon on how to breastfeed in a sling.  

So what is so great about it besides getting some shopping done while you are breastfeeding? It can also be an excellent way to settle your baby. For some babies, if they are cranky and clearly would like to sleep or breastfeed but keep unlatching, all it takes is popping them in a baby carrier and trying to breastfeed them while moving. It can work like a charm. Babies love movement and this way you can get up and settle them while breastfeeding but still have your hands free. I have (among many other activities) cooked, cleaned, shopped, and brushed my other children’s teeth while breastfeeding my baby in a baby carrier. Often times it’s the magical solution! For more on settling cranky babies head HERE.

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When do you breastfeed in your baby carrier?