A partner’s support during a woman’s breastfeeding adventures can be just the thing she needs to get her through, without turning to formula. There has actually been research done which shows the importance of a partner’s support, especially if the woman is having difficulties. It is also important for when the breastfeeding relationship continues into toddlerhood. Having a supportive partner can really make a huge difference.

The following is a list my husband came up with over breakfast this morning. He LOVES it that I breastfeed. Mostly because it means he can sleep more and can pull the, “I think he wants to breastfeed!” line when our baby is cranky. All kidding aside though he has seen firsthand how important it is and how much our children have thrived physically and also mentally from having been breastfed. Enough from me though. Here is what he had to say. Maybe your man can relate?! My thoughts are in pink. You didn’t think he would get a whole post without my imput and opinions added did you?

1. It’s easy for all parties involved, unless you need help and that’s why you see Meg – I swear I did not tell him to say that.

2. It’s natural and healthy. In an age of sports drinks and protein shakes, breastmilk is the best on the market for nutrition and value…I’m not sure if he means for baby or him. I’ll have to get back to you on that!

3. No buying, cleaning or preparing bottles.

4.    No point in waking up in the middle of the night to feed the baby because you can’t!  In other words…you get more sleep! But don’t brag about it, it does not go down well.  And never wake up in the morning and make statements like, “so, he slept through the night huh?” Always ask how the night went instead.

5.    Watching a mother breastfeed her baby is a beautiful sight.
6.    My wife’s boobs get really big  (Let me remind you these are my husband’s words of wisdom and reflection). Even though they are off limits temporarily.  Well it’s more of a long term contract right now. (Although I can tell a stranger, “my boobs are not sexual!” like in my blog post on  Breastfeeding in Public – that line doesn’t work on my husband).
7.    “If I don’t feed my baby I won’t bond with them” is a bunch of crap. (He is an articulate one!) Every time you talk to them, cuddle them, tickle them, read to them, hold them etc.  you are building a bond that lasts a lifetime.  Besides, they can’t throw or catch yet, you’ve got time.


8. If you truly intend to give your baby the best start to life then the nutritional needs of your baby will overshadow your own needs.

9. While men like to think that breasts were invented for Sports Illustrated and bikini’s, their function and purpose is to feed babies and toddlers.

10.For a successful handoff when the baby is cranky. The line, “I think he wants to feed” works. Always.

Thanks to my supportive husband who is pretty much the best Dad ever. And as you can see, loves breastfeeding for more than one reason…

This picture is a great example of one of the many reasons I’m happy he does not have to take the time to make up bottles. He can do very helpful activities such as this, which he of course loves. I wonder why he didn’t add this activity to his top ten list…



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