Tattoos And Breastfeeding…Is It Safe? What Are The Risks?


I LOVE tattoos and I have quite a few! Just call me, “the tattooed Lactation Consultant”! Many women have asked me, “Can I get a tattoo while breastfeeding? What are the risks involved?” Let’s start with some facts… 1. The molecular structure of tattoo ink is too large to pass through breastmilk.  This means that even though the ink is ... Read More »

My Response To The Doctor’s “New” Methods Of Sleep Training And Scheduled Feedings…

crying baby, sleep training, cry it out

Well, another mainstream media article about sleep training and cry it out is now making the rounds online again. Doctors telling people their babies need to be fed on four hourly schedules and left to cry so they can self-settle. When will this insanity stop?! When will this rubbish stop being published? Give these poor sleep deprived parents support and information! Not sleep ... Read More »

Please, Please Mama…Pick Up Your Crying Baby


This past week I saw two different women pushing crying babies in their prams.  One woman was walking around the shops with her baby crying and crying as she talked on her phone, trying to get her little one to sleep without having to hold or feed her. I wanted to cry for that baby who just wanted to be cuddled and I ... Read More »

To The Man Who Called Me A, “Whiny, Judgmental Cow”…


So…today was interesting. I posted something on my Facebook page today. Here is the post I wrote… After getting over 100 comments (the vast majority positive) I ended up having to ban three people from my page and then had to delete the post all together! They were angry and upset and had no interest in seeing the research that was ... Read More »

An Argument For The “Comfort” Breastfeed…


“He is just breastfeeding for comfort.” “You really do not have to feed him again, he is just looking for comfort.” “She is not really hungry, just feeding for comfort.” Many of us have heard (or read) these words… Almost daily I hear from women who have been told that they should not breastfeed their baby for comfort.  I also frequently ... Read More »

Can we please bring back the hairy bush?…Us busy mothers really need one less thing to think about.

the bush

Yes, I’m an IBCLC. I’m usually writing about breastfeeding, attachment parenting, sleep deprivation and relationships. I help women and their families with breastfeeding issues and challenges, among other things. But you know what, I also have pubic hair. And since it is no longer 1970, I shave. Or wax. Or trim…and you know what else I want to say? I’m ... Read More »

Can I Overfeed My Breastfed Baby?

breastfeeding, sleep, baby

“I heard I can’t overfeed my breastfed baby BUT…” “My friend told me I am over-feeding my baby and she really only needs to breastfeed every 3 hours or so…” “Have I breastfed my baby too frequently today? She keeps going on and off the breast.” “Is my baby spitting up so much because I’m overfeeding her?” Within the past ... Read More »

My Kid Won’t Eat!

unnamed (9)

Is the above picture familiar to you? The empty chair with the plate of food! But where is your toddler?!  Probably trying to find you to ask for boob… Many of us go through similar steps when introducing solids… 1. Give our child their first piece of meat, mashed up vegetable, fruit or rice cereal mixed with our breastmilk.  2. ... Read More »