Why Breast Is Not “Best”.


Breast is not best but is in fact, the biological norm. My breasts are not best, but it is what my baby is looking for when he sucks his hand and moves his head. My breasts are not best, but they are what comforts him instantly when crying, hungry, sad, hurt, scared or bored. Breast is not best because then ... Read More »

Safe Co-Sleeping And Bed-Sharing Guidelines

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  Looking for more information on sleep and the breastfed baby? Here are my most popular blog articles on sleep… What to do when your baby HATES sleep Why our breastfed babies and toddlers wake so frequently How Much Sleep And How Many Naps Does My Baby Need? How About My Toddler? Sleep And The Breastfed Child The Night Boob! ... Read More »

How do I get my kid out of my bed?!

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“Never let your baby into your bed! You’ll never get them out!”  Have you heard that one before? I did many times as a new mother.  My husband and I were still in college at the time, the first of our friends to have a baby. We were completely clueless about all things babies.  Breastfeeding was going well for me, ... Read More »

Breastfeeding Three Year Old Triplets!

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“In a few days my triplets will be three years old. They are walking and talking, they are inquisitive and socialised, they eat three meals plus snacks and drink from a cup, they have all their teeth, they are independent. And they are breastfed. Yes, still…” Davina is one of my breastfeeding idols. Her triplets have never had donor breastmilk or formula, ... Read More »

Nine reasons my child is not “too old” to breastfeed…

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I have written before on my blog about the first time I saw a breastfeeding toddler. I was at the house of a mother I had only just met. She was a La Leche League Leader (volunteer breastfeeding counsellor) and mother of two. Her youngest who was about 18 months old at the time, jumped up onto her lap while ... Read More »

How To Lose Weight While Breastfeeding!


The Do’s and DO NOT’S to weight loss while boobin’ your baby! Having had three babies, my body has gone through many changes. Seriously, my ass was the size of a small mountain when I was pregnant with my first. I had so much extra fluid I could have survived on my fluid retention alone if I had be stranded on ... Read More »

Why Our Breastfed Babies and Toddlers Wake So Frequently…

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**This article was originally published in Kids On The Coast Issue 64 September/October 2014 Sleep deprivation is something every mother understands. Being pushed to the brink of insanity from frequent night waking, that feeling of being woken almost immediately after just falling asleep. Sleep deprivation is the cruelest form of torture! As a breastfeeding mum who is the one and only person ... Read More »

Blame it on breastfeeding one more time…and I might just throw up a little bit.


Here’s the thing…as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant I talk every day to women who are seeking help with breastfeeding. Almost every single one of these women (including myself) have heard someone tell them that “X” is happening BECAUSE THEY ARE BREASTFEEDING. What is this “X” I speak of? Well depending on who you are talking to it can be a variety of interesting ... Read More »

Breastfeeding Josee…Ten Tips For Breastfeeding A Baby With Down Syndrome

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*The following blog post is written by Joelle, a mum of three children.  Joelle’s youngest baby Josee has Down syndrome and although she knew she wanted to breastfeed her, she was aware of the unique challenges that she would face.  Through seeking support and her own motivation to breastfeed, she is still breastfeeding Josee today at 20 months old. This ... Read More »

Tattoos And Breastfeeding…Is It Safe? What Are The Risks?


I LOVE tattoos and I have quite a few! Just call me, “the tattooed Lactation Consultant”! Many women have asked me, “Can I get a tattoo while breastfeeding? What are the risks involved?” Let’s start with some facts… 1. The molecular structure of tattoo ink is too large to pass through breastmilk.  This means that even though the ink is ... Read More »

My Response To The Doctor’s “New” Methods Of Sleep Training And Scheduled Feedings…

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Well, another mainstream media article about sleep training and cry it out is now making the rounds online again. Doctors telling people their babies need to be fed on four hourly schedules and left to cry so they can self-settle. When will this insanity stop?! When will this rubbish stop being published? Give these poor sleep deprived parents support and information! Not sleep ... Read More »

Please, Please Mama…Pick Up Your Crying Baby


This past week I saw two different women pushing crying babies in their prams.  One woman was walking around the shops with her baby crying and crying as she talked on her phone, trying to get her little one to sleep without having to hold or feed her. I wanted to cry for that baby who just wanted to be cuddled and I ... Read More »

To The Man Who Called Me A, “Whiny, Judgmental Cow”…


So…today was interesting. I posted something on my Facebook page today. Here is the post I wrote… After getting over 100 comments (the vast majority positive) I ended up having to ban three people from my page and then had to delete the post all together! They were angry and upset and had no interest in seeing the research that was ... Read More »